Tyre Exports

Tyre Exports

Fostering Global Circularity and Sustainability through Tyre Exports

Our tyre exports help in promoting a circular economy, ensuring that excess used tyres find new purpose across international borders. We recognise the global challenge posed by the mounting volumes of discarded tyres and the urgent need for sustainable solutions.

A Trusted Leader in Tyre Exports

Established in 2013, New Recycling Ltd have become a trusted name in used tyre exports. Our extensive network and deep-rooted expertise in exporting tyres ensure a seamless and reliable export process.

Maximising Tyre Lifecycle Through Strategic Exports

Our approach to tyre exports is multifaceted, encompassing both scrap tyres and reusable tyres. By exporting reusable tyres, we extend their usable life, honouring the waste hierarchy principles and maximising the potential for tyre recycling. This strategy prolongs the lifespan of valuable resources, and minimises the environmental impact associated with tyre disposal and manufacturing. This contributes to a global circular economy by providing valuable raw materials for various recycling and repurposing initiatives across international borders.

Facilitating Global Tyre Redistribution and Circularity

At New Recycling, we embrace a comprehensive approach to tyre recycling, extending our commitment beyond domestic initiatives. Through meticulous categorization and sea container preparation, we facilitate resourceful tyre redistribution globally. Our export services contribute to worldwide circularity, giving new life to excess rubber across continents.

These exported tyres find new purpose in various nations, rejuvenating worn tyres from the UK to reinvigorate vehicles in developing countries. This approach minimises environmental impact by prolonging product lifespans and diverting waste from landfills, fostering a truly global circular economy.

Collaborative Partnerships for Sustainable Impact

As industry leaders in ethical tyre reprocessing and redistribution, New Recycling holds an extensive international network and expertise to enable reliable, sustainable tyre exports worldwide. We welcome collaborations with partners who share our vision of driving global circularity through responsible tyre management.

By joining forces with like-minded organisations, we can amplify our impact and contribute to a more sustainable future on a global scale. Together, we can pave the way for innovative solutions, promote best practices, and drive positive change in the tyre recycling and export industry.

Enabling Sustainable Collaboration

At New Recycling, we are committed to fostering long-term partnerships that prioritise sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that our collaborations are built on a foundation of transparency, compliance, and shared values.

Contact us today for reliable, friendly and sustainable tyre recycling services. Together, we can shape a greener future.