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Tyre Services

Waste Tyre Collection Services | New Recycling Ltd

Waste Tyre Collection

New Recycling offer environmentally friendly tyre collection services designed to streamline the tyre disposal process. At New Recycling, we make fulfilling this vital task simple and stress-free.

As leading Hertfordshire scrap tyre processors, we provide reliable tyre collection with a dedication to sustainable recycling methods.

Every step of our tyre collection and tyre recycling process aligns with sustainability principles, ensuring your discarded tyres contribute to a greener future. Read More

Tyre Recycling - New Recycling Ltd

Tyre Recycling

We take a responsible approach to tyre recycling, combating the growing challenge of discarded tyres in the UK. With over a decade of dedication to the industry, we offer a one stop solution for all of your tyre recycling requirements. We can arrange tyre collections, or alternatively you can deliver into our tyre disposal site.

Compliance is at the heart of our operations. As licensed waste carriers, we adhere to strict regulations while guiding clients through proper documentation for smooth tyre recycling. Read More

Tyre Disposal - New Recycling Ltd

Tyre Disposal

With extensive experience in safe, fully licensed rubber product transportation and recycling, we specialise in collecting and recycling a wide array of used tyres and tracks. Our commitment extends to various rubber products, catering to the disposal needs of:

• Motorcycle Tyres
• Car Tyres
• Van, Truck, and Lorry Tyres
• Tyre Tracks, Caterpillar Tracks
• Tractor Tyres
• Agricultural Machinery Tyres
• Farm Tyres and Rubber

At New Recycling, we alleviate the complexities of ever-evolving environmental legislation that businesses encounter. We offer tailored, reliable, and compliant waste management solutions to meet your specific needs. Read More

PAS 108 Tyre Bales - New Recycling Ltd

Tyre Processing and Bales

Our tyre collection process is meticulous, focusing on gathering used tyres from various sources across Hertfordshire and its neighbouring areas. Once at our recycling centre, each tyre undergoes a stringent examination to determine its suitability for various reuse strategies.

For tyres that meet the safety and quality standards, our advanced tyre baling techniques come into play. Employing cutting-edge machinery and expertise, we meticulously pack these compliant tyres into PAS 108 standard tyre bales. These tyre bales serve as a versatile resource for diverse applications, ensuring optimal utilisation of the rubber material. Read More

Tyre Exports - New Recycling Ltd

Tyre Exports

New Recycling Ltd stands as a trusted and reputable name in used tyre exports, catering to Hertfordshire, London, and the surrounding areas. Our extensive network and expertise in exporting tyres ensure a seamless and reliable process, fostering sustainable tyre reuse across borders.

We embrace a multifaceted approach to tyre recycling, extending our commitment beyond domestic initiatives. Our tyre export services help to ensure that excess used tyres find new purpose across international borders. Read More

Choose New Recycling for seamless tyre collection services that prioritise efficiency, compliance, and environmental sustainability.