Tyre Recycling and Disposal

We recycle used tyres through our modern, tyre shredding machinery giving you the peace of mind that your tyres are processed in a responsible manner.

On receiving tyres into our premises they are inspected for contamination of foreign objects. Steel rims are removed before they are fed into the initial shredder which shreds the tyres into chunks that are then fed by conveyer into the secondary shredder. This separates the steel wires by magnets and the rubber is shredded down into smaller sizes, dependant on end user requirements. The steel is re used and sold to steel refineries for further processing.


New Recycling Ltd are a fully licensed and authorised waste carrier.

Since July 2006 scrap tyres can no longer be sent to landfill sites for disposal. Any waste tyre producers have a legal duty of care to dispose of tyres to an authorised tyre recycler. All carriers of scrap tyres must have a valid waste carriers license and have to dispose of your waste in a legal manner. If you are unsure of your obligations please contact us and we will assist you accordingly.

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