Garden – Rubber Chippings

Our rubber chippings/mulch/bark are ideal for various garden uses. You can use it as a rubber mulch for landscaping and flower beds and it’s perfect for weed control in the garden, as unlike wood chip, it does not degrade. Spreading rubber chippings/mulch/bark around plants or young saplings protects the roots from frost damage.


  • Virtually wire free
  • Soft and supple so soft underfoot
  • Safe for animals
  • Easy to install and practically maintenance free
  • Dries fast after rainfall
  • No regular top ups required
  • Will not deteriorate, decompose or splinter whatever the weather is

Chicken and Duck Pens

Any chicken or duck keeper is aware of the problems with mud. When rubber shred is laid on top of a membrane a cleaner environment is provided, allowing for the pens to be hosed down for cleaner and hygienic conditions with low maintenance.

Lawn Enhancer

Rubber granules can be added to top soil prior to lawn seeding or turfing, creating a better lawn as the looser structure allows better aeration and drainage.

Weed Control

Unlike bark rubber shred does not disintegrate over time, so laid on top of a weed retardant mesh will keep weeds at bay. This provides a neat and manageable area for years to come, with no future topping up costs.

We constantly monitor prices thoughout the UK, ensuring ours are the most competitive available. Guaranteed professional service from New Recycling.

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