New Recycling Limited process used tyres into rubber chippings, also known as rubber mulch or rubber bark. Our rubber chippings are called EQUIFLEK and are ideal for equestrian surfaces, garden and play areas




Processing Tyres into Rubber Chippings/Mulch/Bark

Rubber chip, also known as rubber mulch and rubber bark is derived from various types of rubber, most commonly end of life tyres and are normally sized around 20mm. They are created by a shredding process involving two machines. Tyres/scrap rubber is fed into the primary machine which cuts it into chunks. These chunks are then fed by conveyer into the second machine which cuts the chunks into finer pieces creating rubber chip, whilst separating the steel wire via an electromagnetic process. The steel wire then goes through further processing acceptable for smelting in steel mills. The resulting chippings are used generally as equestrian rubber chip for equestrian surfaces etc, as well as rubber bark and rubber mulch for gardens and play areas.
EQUIFLEK rubber chippings are the ideal material for all equestrian surfaces. The many benefits include: safer for riders and horses, soft under foot, low maintenance, excellent drainage properties, frost free, easy installation, bacteria resistant. Read more…
EQUIFLEK rubber chippings are also highly suitable as a rubber bark for playgrounds as it is unaffected by the weather and does not freeze, rot or blow away. Rubber chippings do not deteriorate and therefore outperform traditional wood chip in it’s life and performance. Used in play areas under swings and other apparatus, it creates a safe and hygienic surface for children to play on. Read more…
Another use for EQUIFLEK rubber chip is to use it as a rubber mulch for landscaping and flower beds, it’s perfect for weed control in the garden, as unlike wood chip, it does not degrade. Spreading rubber mulch around plants or young saplings protects the roots from frost damage. Read more…

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